Director  |  Animator  |  Editor



Sergiu Lupse was born in Cluj-Napoca/Romania. From a very young age he was fascinated with art, moving images and visual stories. He studied Video & Photography at the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, Cinematography & Film at the Babes-Bolyai University and received a MA in Experimental Film and Design from the National University of Art Bucharest (RO).

In 2008 he was selected for the CEC Artslink Fellowship Artist in Residence in New York and Austin (USA) and in 2009, co-directed and shot REMNANT, a short film collaboration with fellow Austin filmmaker Christian Raymond, as part of the CEC Artslink Projects Award Programme.

In 2013 he directed TATĂL NOSTRU, a short comedy/drama, developed during The Everyday Drama Workshop and in 2014 the film won Best Fiction Film at the Filmul de Piatra IFF in Piatra-Neamt, Romania. The short was selected at NeXT IFF (Official Romanian Competition), Leeds IFF, TIFF (Romanian Film Days Official Competition), Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival (Focus Romania Programme), Making Waves Film Festival (Romanian Short Film Panorama). In 2014 he directed his thesis film, ABSENT, a short biographic drama about loss and distorted memories, who won the Special Jury Award at the FFEST IFF and in 2015 premiered internationally at the Amiens Film Festival IFF.

In 2016 he directed OCTL, a fantasy/comedy short, part of mc2 film’s THE CIGARETTE AFTER (2017) omnibus. He worked as editor and colourist on other shorts from the same film project.

Sergiu’s film work shifts between fiction, animation and experimental forms. His films often explore stories about escaping the real world into another mysterious realms, time that distorts memories and the possiblity of the fantastic in the real world. His characters and stories are rooted in everyday life, but look for a way out into fantastic worlds, a place where the normal meets the supernatural. He is currently developing his first feature film. 


- OCTL (2016) short film - Director / Editor / Executive Producer
- ABSENT (2014) short film - Screenwriter / Director / Editor
- NIGHT PROJECTION (2014) animation - Director
- TATAL NOSTRU (2013) short film - Director
- THE NOISE OF THE DAY (2012) experimental - Director / Editor
- 10TH FLOOR (2011) short film - Director / Camera / Editor
- REMNANT (2010) short film - Co-director / Editor
- BREATH (2008) animation - Director / Editor
- EXCERPT (2007) animation - Director / Editor
- GLOW (2006) short film - Writer / Director / Editor
- TRACE / SHADOW (2006) short film - Screenwriter / Director / Editor
- STAINS (2005) experimental - Director / Editor
- RELATIV (2004) short film - Screenwriter / Director / Editor
- TIME LAPSE (2003) experimental - Director / Editor