TBA      |      Analog Limb      |      sci-fi / drama      |      Episodic

A sci-fi episodic game about a troubled man follwing the messages of his wife along a desolate landscape to discover her fate.

A world engulfed in dust storms where water is scarce. Joltuk wakes up in a destroyed storm shelter. His wife Melan is missing. As Joltuk looks for his wife he discovers several messages Melan left for him with clues to her whereabouts. While Joltuk  tries to find Melan he must also find another shelter before a massive impending storm.

— A post-apocaliptic sci-fi 3rd person Action Aventure
— Explore a vast landscape, riddled with disturbing cults, violent gangs,
    dangerous atmosphere and poisonous fauna and flora
-- Interract with over 15 characters to discover the whereabouts of Joltuk's wife
-- Follow 3 main characters to unfold the story

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