Visual Explorations

Different visual experiments In Unity with level design, characters, lighting and atmosphere. Working with several assets: 
Unity Standard Assets /
Unity Particle Pack / Post-Processing Stack / Recorder / Cinemachine Dragon Boar PBR by Dungeon Mason Water Effect Fits For Lowpoly Style by Pure Evil Studio 4K Tileable Wood Textures by Dynamight Nature Starter Kit 2 by Shapes Distort FX by Fholm 2x2 Seamless Desert Sahara Dunes by Black Sun Stylized Nature Pack by Mikael Gustafsson Third Person Controller - Shooter Template by Invector Free Demo Rock by Grumpntug Yughues Free Sand Materials by Nobiax / Yughues Rock and Boulders 2 by Manufactura K4 Modular Road Block by RK.Team HQ Big Rock by NOT_Lonely HQ Rock Pack Free by DNK_DEV White Smoke Particle System by Xenosmash Games Definitive Stylized Water by Marc Sureda Pipes Kit by Mojo-Structure Building Kit 001 by Mojo-Structure Dynamic Music Pack by John Leonard French Lighting Effects - Shaders by Aliyeredon Double Sided Shaders by Ciconia Studio MK Glass Free by Michael Kremmel Chair and Armchair by Aksdev