Extra moons to live

Today we were on some distant villages, in some distant animal fairs and apart from the terrible heat who burned my limbs and face, through the sweat and rain i think i got myself some nice photographs. Not many, just 4 or 5, but i find it enough for the time being. Oh and the Pluto connection was a fiasco, i mean, how can a planet just disappear (rolling eyes).


It’s all behind me now

I kinda wondered if this will get any easier. Today i'm supposed to go to a photography camp with some folks from Bucharest. Hope it lasts. It's been a while since I've enjoyed b/w photography as much as this. It seems strange because i reached a point where i said that's enough for me for some reason :). And there are times when i surprise myself with what i do. These are few images from last year.


Night out with friends

It was one week ago, we went out for a couple of hours and had a good time in GE2. Me and good fellow coleague Bogdan. Also at the table (although u can't see them are 2D, Carmen and a friend of theirs, sorry i'm so bad with names).

Photos by Carmen Parii.


Howdy, i guess i’m new in town

Hi everybody, I do short films and photography (i guess who doesn't nowadays right?) i was in Art School since highschool, finished it and went to the University of Fine Arts, Film and Photography department, and then i went and did a Masters in Video installation (beets me why all these just followed like that). I'll start posting photographs and some artworks soon, if anyone cares to look. I'll have my webpage up and running in a few months (i know that says a lot about a person, the truth is that i just can't get myself to begin another project and not finish it, so i'll take my time) and i'll link it as soon as it's done. That's about it for now, i'll be in photography camps all summer so feel free to send thoughts. I'll get back to you when i can.

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