Today i finally finished EXCERPT, a short film for an Art show in San Francisco, Art Show involving Barbie Dolls. I said finally, because my main thing was getting a good story and i kinda had to wait for that to happen. I got used to wait until ideas spring to mind. I've seen some really good works from last year on this show. I hope EXCERPT finds his way into the show. The story it's about a traumatized Barbie doll who doesn't remember her past. In one stormy night, she discovers under a cupboard a broken photograph. This is the trigger that brings her to terms with the reality she lives in. I can say i liked the subject a lot, i'm not sure i made the idea understandable enough. Well hope guides me. This Sunday i'm taking a trip to Karlovy Vary and then to Prague for a motion capture and film making workshop. AH! THE WEST! BRING ME TO THE WEST! Still trying to figure out the screenplay, and no its' not easy, i'm starting to believe that's almost impossible. :)) Future will tell.