Barbie Film Night August 16th at AgeSong: 580 Hayes St. at Laguna

Film Night: Thursday, August 16th from 5:30 -9:30!!!! at 580 Hayes St.

Films will include:

All New for this year: "Excerpt" by Sergiu Lupse
this is a beautiful, dark short that explores the humanization of the doll through memory and trauma. As the filmmaker commented:
"I believe our society is built on moral values that are completely wrong. We've built this model of the successful model man and woman, no factors from the outside, no interaction with other people feeling , keeping ourselves safe, just like we're inside a plastic box, a doll, who wants out. I transformed the beautiful and blond Barbie doll into a living human, giving her emotions and memories. Maybe I was trying to relate to my own existence, the way life is always here to surprise you. Trauma is one way of showing one's passage through this life. So i guess Altered Barbie means for me a metamorphosis, a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis, beginning a new life, starting anew."

"The Tribe" by Tiffany Shlain
"What can the most successful doll on the planet show us about being Jewish today? Narrated by Peter Coyote, the film mixes old school narration with a new school visual style. The Tribe weaves together archival footage, graphics, animation, Barbie dioramas, and slam poetry to take audiences on an electric ride through the complex history of both the Barbie doll and the Jewish people- from Biblical times to present day. By tracing Barbie's history, the film sheds light on what it means to be an American Jew in the 21st Century."
Indiewire's Sundance Critic's Choice
Winner: Best Short Documentary, Nashville Film Festival 2006
Winner: Directors Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival 2006
Winner: Audience Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival 2006
Winner: Best Historical Film, SF Intn'l Women's Film Festival 2006
Winner: Grand Jury Prize, Best Short Doc: Florida Film Festival 2007
Winner: Golden Star Award for Best Documentary Short 2007
Winner: Best Short Documentary: Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2007

"Barbie Nation, An Unauthorized Tour, Collectors Edition" by Susan Stern:
This version has footage from San Francisco's Altered Barbie 2005.
The new Barbie Nation: Collectors' Edition DVD is now available! Four brand-new extra features explore how Barbie Nation stars Nora & Claire survived playing Barbie as children and what Bratz dolls and Muslim Barbie have done to Mattel's profit margins. There are more Weird Barbies, and a film on Fandom - the world of Barbie collectors. The Barbie Nation Collectors' Edition is closed captioned.

Generations of people are obsessed with Barbie, the world's most popular toy. Journeying from Barbie conventions to anti-Barbie demonstrations, from San Francisco's gay pride parade to Croatia's bunkers, Barbie Nation plumbs the phenomenon of the Barbie doll. Barbie fans, foes, fetishists--and the woman who created Barbie--reveal the history and fantasy behind this 20th century icon.

Since its debut on PBS, Barbie Nation has been sold only at institutional prices. More than 1,000 colleges and universities have acquired it. Now this award-winning film, by investigative reporter-turned-filmmaker Susan Stern, is available for home viewing in a subtitled edition with nine special features.

"How to Make an Altered Barbie" by Michel Fraser about Allie our youngest barbie altered artist in the show.

And various other amazing films and shorts about Barbie that have been entered or produced out of previous years exhibits.