Bundles of happiness

Good news!!!!!!! The film is DONE! Finally I can breathe the morning air and smell the lilies. The release will be in the next few days the poster and the DVD. Thanks to everybody.


Film effects all over the damn sidewalk…

Well, I've been messing around with some film effects, cause it makes the film look cool (I think) hope it won't be too much of everything. The sound FX and Vlad Tanasescu's brilliant soundtrack really create the atmosphere I wanted in this film. Hopefully, by Monday will be done. Only hope the hard disk space will suffice. I decided to make it HD resolution (who knows). I'll have to figure out a way of letting some of the people see it, for feedback and all. I found out that another photo of mine will be shown at the Room of Commerce Annual Fair (or something), oh golly, I guess! Let you know how things go after the release. Tripped out! 😛


Buzzing my way through life…

So it's been 3 days now since I began editing the film, I think I have some really nice shots, and a bit of grading might do the trick, at least I hope so. I've added a few last shots from fusion, I'll have to go back and forth between the editing and grading (that's going to be a pain in the ass, but this is the part I really like).


Death resides in a wooden box outside my door…

I've been kicking and punching through the production and it seems that there are no more cg shots (as far as i think), i'm dealing with a few FX shots and grading and hopefully by Thursday I'll start editing (that's going to be another death of me). Not much else, i had a strange photo (never considered it before, because...well i don't know why, the photo is actually really good) chosen for a collective exhibition for a Europe Union kind of thing, the show was in Budapest and i hear it was really crowded. Even if i'm not done yet with the film, i had some really cool ideas for a short story, that i hope to write soon. Keep the bottle open and empty, remember there's only a few who can fill it up back again. Isobutanol seems a good choice. :))


Replica of a replica of a replica…

Well it seems that the release of the film will take more time, probably one or two more weeks. Not giving up on this, just trying to finish it and get it over with it. The renders are slow and the processing time has raised yet again to endless hours. I still got two more major shots before the whole editing process can begin. They're both from the AIRLOCK scene, the final shots in the film. There is some minor grading to do on some pieces and i will probably have to deal with those before editing also. So, that's pretty much it for now, hope to have some good news soon. The graphic novel i was talking about, seems to grow, designed by my talented friend, Richard Williams, whose drawings fill me up with hope that some day all this might work. Great waves appear in the distance, HOLD ON!


Some families have more and some families have one…

A friend of mine just posted some images of an upcoming comics that he's doing, based on one of my short stories. I'll ask him for a few screenshots. Really brilliant drawings. And the "release" of my short film is getting closer. I like a lot to make believe and think this will get some festival screening, i don't know for sure. The fact that i've been working on it for 3 years now (on an off) kinda haunts me. And many people will consider it a student film or something, i don't mind, the original footage was shot during my last year at the university, so i guess it is true, still a lot of the short is new, combining cg and compositing. Anyway, nobody is really interested in how the movie was made so i'll just shut up. 🙂


More Filmwork (this seems to never end)

So this last week was pretty hellish and the renders were soooooo slow, but what else could i have done, anyway, let's hope everything will turn out for the better. Steve Irwin's gone and i'm 2 weeks short of finishing this film. Still have panic attacks and fears but everything else will have to wait. F**k it, if i'm not finishing this now, i never will. A few WIP print screens. Luck!


Filmwork (as opposed to what i’ve been doing lately, which is exactly that)

Week featured member on www.fylmz.com, signed in for the big competition. I just have to finish the film and submit it. Currently doing some cg pick-ups and compositing. That will take about two weeks, and the editing one week. I hope by october the 1'st i'll have my film.


Another page in my life goes to dust

Well now that the photo camp ended and the "Ghost rider" VFX challenge is gone, it's time to get back to my film that i have to finish soon (hopefully by end of October). My bro's page needs some new backgrounds and gallery and i have to start to work on my own web page, beside this blog. So i'm all booked up, ready to begin and at least for now, hopeful. Cheers.


Varsity Blues

Been out of town for two days now and today i was up late helping people fix the church (or whatever). Developed negatives tonight and found them pointless. Oh, maybe one or two are ok, not convinced.

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