Well, it's been a while since i wrote any news, so here goes. I've been digging for info for my screenplay, it's really not that easy as i thought. There are a lot of issues that i need to cover, characters that need to be believable and that takes time, at least for me :). Beside trying to build the screenplay I've been sending GLOW to a few festivals out there through Film Depot. The Brussels Film Festival said no thanks, i'm waiting for a response from the Zagreb 25FPS and Sapporo Film Festivals. Next two i'm sending to is in Brazil and Germany. Hopefully people will get to see it. In other words of universal randomness, I've started designing various websites (layouts anyway) for a few friends, and funny enough i just had one of those springy new ideas for a short film. Something Sci-fi of course, involving a robot and a human. I like the premise a lot, the way humanity creates and destroys things just to recycle them back. Well, hopefully sometime in august will begin shooting. I'll let you know how that develops. That's pretty much about what i'm doing right now. Things tend to change over time so who knows, maybe i'm going to be someplace else in a while...Cheers!